“Coping With Self-Harm” Booklet

This is a physical printed booklet that we’ve created for anyone who’s dealing with self-harm, and is ready to explore stopping. It’s full of advice and information to read, but also something of a “work book” to actually get stuck into.

What’s in the Booklet?

It’s packed full of useful tips, and the stuff that we cover in our school workshops. There’s a couple of the sheets that we use in our workshops too! The self-care spectrum, and action plan.

It’s full of advice and information, that’s been put together from 11 years of doing Heads Above The Waves, as well as feedback from people with real experience, and medical professionals. So you’d best believe it’s packed full of good stuff.

Who’s this booklet for?

It’s for anyone who’s struggling with self-harm, and is ready to begin a journey to stopping. We’re particularly keen to send these to education and medical settings – anyone who works with young people. We think the best way to use this booklet is to go through it with a young person that you’re supporting. We can also send these out to individuals, if you’d like one.

How do I get these booklets?

We can send some out to your school/organisation for free – just fill out the form below! Or if you’re local to Cardiff, come visit our shop in Canton, and we can hook you up in person!



    Why we need your details

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    “Let’s Talk About Body Image” Lesson Plan

    This one’s for all you teachers out there looking for a complete lesson plan on talking about body image.

    The title slide of the Heads Above The Waves "Let's talk about body image" presentation. Featuring a man and woman smiling, wearing "self-love is punk rock" t-shirts.

    What’s in the Body Image Lesson Plan?

    This session, put together by our education co-ordinator, Em, has everything you need to fill up to a 90 minute session around body image. With our free download, you’ll get:

    • “Let’s Talk About Body Image” lesson plan – complete with timing ideas, curriculum links, and suggestions of variations to meet different learning needs.
    • Worksheets to accompany the session.
    • Powerpoint presentation.

    We’ll email you these resources when you pop your details in down below! 👇

    Why Body Image?

    We asked our audience: what’s the biggest issue facing you and your friends right now? The overwhelming majority of replies were around body image. And over the last few years of delivering our school workshops, we’ve noticed more and more young people reporting issues around body image as the thing that’s getting them down. Plus, with years of experience as a teacher under her belt, our education co-ordinator Em knows what it’s like to need a complete lesson plan! So she’s put it all together for you here!

    Download our Body Image Lesson Plan now!

    Full disclosure: we’re asking for your details in exchange for the lesson plan & resources. 

    We’re doing this so that we can get an idea of where this resource is being accessed. We may also follow up to see how you’ve found the resource & offer you some more resources in the future.

    By completing this form, you’re confirming that you’re happy for us to store your data, and potentially contact you in the future. Your data is stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy, and we’ll never sell your data. Cuz that just straight up sucks when people do that.

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      Mental Health Action Plan

      We’re firm believers that everyone should have a mental health action plan! It doesn’t need to be anything complicated. In fact, it’s best if you keep it simple. If you think about the state you might be in when you need to access this plan & put it into action, it’s worth keeping it as simple as possible.

      Fill this in while you’re in a good headspace, and keep it handy for when you notice your mental health declining.

      Of course, a mental health action plan is gonna be personal to everyone, so just use this as a bit of a guide. But it’s worth keeping PASS in mind (People, Activities, Space, Services) – as important factors in any mental health action plan.

      Download Our Template



      Sbectrwm Hunanofal

      Dadlwythwch ac argraffwch ein Sbectrwm Hunanofal i helpu i gadw golwg ar wahanol feysydd eich bywyd.

      Os yw rhywbeth yn broblem – er enghraifft, os ydych chi’n cael trafferth gyda bwyd ar hyn o bryd – sgoriwch yn is i lawr, er enghraifft 1 neu 2. Os yw rhywbeth yn iawn, ac yn eich helpu chi, rhowch sgor o 9 neu 10.

      Trwy wneud hyn yn rheolaidd, gallwch gadw llygad am bethau a allai fod yn broblem gyson. Unwaith y byddwch chi’n gwybod pa feysydd o’ch bywyd sy’n effeithio arnoch chi, gallwch chi ddechrau rhoi pethau ar waith i’ch helpu chi i ddelio â nhw wrth iddyn nhw godi. Gall hefyd fod yn ddefnyddiol nodi’r meysydd o’ch bywyd sy’n arbennig o dda i’ch cyflwr meddwl!

      Gwnewch fwy o’r pethau sy’n sgorio yn y 10au, a gwnewch yn siŵr bod gennych chi rai pethau i roi cynnig arnyn nhw y tro nesaf y byddwch chi’n wynebu rhywbeth sy’n sgorio i lawr yn yr 1’au.

      Rydym hefyd wedi ychwanegu lle ichi gynnwys unrhyw feysydd eraill o’ch bywyd a allai fod yn effeithio arnoch chi – da a drwg!


      Cynllun Gweithredu

      Dadlwythwch y Cynllun Gweithredu hwn am y tro nesaf y byddwch chi’n teimlo’n isel. Argraffwch, llenwch, a rhowch i fyny yn rhywle y gallwch ei weld fel nodyn atgoffa pan fydd ei angen arnoch.

      Mae’n bwysig cael ychydig o bethau gwahanol i roi cynnig arnynt, os nad yw un peth yn helpu, mae gennych rhywbeth arall i drio !



      Self-Harm Safety Plan

      A self-harm safety plan can be an important tool for helping you get through some of your toughest times. Knowing how to spot that you’ve been triggered, thinking of things you can do to keep safe, and the places you can turn for support are useful in general too! We’ve put together a whole piece of Straight Up Advice about creating your own self-harm safety plan. And we’ve created a template that you can use for putting together your own self-harm safety plan.

      Here, we’ve got a blank one for you to fill in, as well as one filled in as an example.

      Download Our Template


      Below, we’ve filled in our self-harm safety plan as an example of the sort of thing you could put on yours, but it’s important to remember that this plan is for you. There’s no right or wrong answers, and it’s going to be unique to you and your situation.

      View Example



      You’ve likely heard about the wildly popular mindfulness and meditation app called Headspace, and the hype is real, it really is awesome. It has a huge range of guided meditation, for every mood and situation, along with meditation to help you sleep, stories to listen to while you fall asleep, short mindfulness sessions to help you focus, and even guided movement sessions to help you be more mindful while you exercise.

      The meditation sessions range from 3-20 minutes, which is super helpful for when you just want to take a moment to be mindful at your desk, or if you really want to wind down after a stressful day with a longer session.

      I started a couple weeks ago as a TOTAL meditation newbie, and I found the guided sessions ridiculously easy to follow, so you don’t have to worry about “not knowing how to meditate” and you can just go with the flow and follow the instructions as the session moves along.

      You can use Headspace for free, however you only get access to the very basics, so it’s great to figure out if you enjoy it, but not awesome for the long-term. Headspace plus is £9.99/month, or £49.99/year, and you can get a free two week trial of Headspace Plus to figure out if you really like it.

      For uni students: if you didn’t know already, you can get Headspace Plus with your student Spotify account for only £4.99/month (for both subscriptions!) — just head to this link and follow the instructions. I’d highly recommend it, especially if you’ve never tried meditation before. I did, and I have zero regrets.






      Whatever it is that you’re going through right now, there are people out there who can listen to you, support you, and help you get through it. You might find it helpful to talk to someone who’s totally separate from your situation. That’s where helplines can be great!

      There’s a whole section of this site dedicated to the different helplines that are out there.

      Click here to view all helplines.

      There’s also a range of ways to contact each of these places too. Some offer online chats, email, text, even letter writing(..!) if you’re not comfortable talking on the phone.

      V I E W  A L L  H E L P L I N E S

      V I E W  A L L  H E L P L I N E S



      Liberate is a meditation app designed specifically for the Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) community. In the app, you’ll find the stuff you’d expect to find in a meditation app: meditations to help with anxiety, sleep, mindfulness and gratitude.

      But it’s also got content that’s specific to the BIPOC experience. Stuff like dealing with racism, ancestors, and identity.

      You’ll also find talks around Pride too. Standing in solidarity with the transgender community, Queer Pride & love.

      All of the content is created by the BIPOC community, FOR the BIPOC community. So it’s the voices of the Black, Indigenous & People of Colour community that you’ll hear in everything.


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