Learning to cope with the negative emotions is the main reason that young people manage to stop harming themselves. Heads Above The Waves’ workshops introduce creative coping techniques as an alternative to self-harm. Aimed at students aged 11-18, our workshops introduce the concept of positive alternatives to self-harm, encourage honest and open conversation, and plant the seeds for self-help.

Digital Workshops

We offer digital versions of our school workshops that anyone can access and work through in their own time. Through a series of videos and worksheets, we share the same ideas that we do in our in person workshops, available anytime, anywhere.


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Watch the video below to get a taste of what our sessions are like. You can use the contact form at the bottom of this page if you have any further questions, or to discuss multiple licenses.

In Person Workshops

Our staff will deliver workshops that encompass:

Age Range:

Year 7-11


5 x 2 hours


South Wales

  • Practical Activity

    A creative coping technique, based on something that’s helped someone overcome self-harm in the past (including art, music, writing, and meditation).

  • Discussion

    To give students a chance to explore their feelings and experiences.

  • Self-Assessment

    Students reflect each week on different aspects of their lives and identify where they are harming or caring for themselves. At the end of the 4 workshops, students are able to see their progress, and any persistant issues can be followed up by staff.

  • Literature

    Following up on the activities and discussions from the week, and signposting students to further support.

Workshops are run on site in the school, and can take place during lunchtimes, after school, or (for best attendance) during PSHE sessions. Each session lasts for an hour and a half.

We can deliver a general assembly to all students to introduce the concept of coping in healthy ways, and then follow up with the workshops aimed at students specifically identified as struggling with self-harm issues.

Note: These workshops are not intended to replace counselling or sound medical advice, but to act as the starting point for recovery from self-harm.



We’ve collated the results from our first 3 years of running workshops into a document that you can download below:

HATW Workshop Feedback Results 2014-2017

The workshops have already had a positive impact on individuals who have reported a decrease in the need to self-harm and an increase in their ability to cope with challenging situations. – PSE Coordinator, Lewis Girls School

Out of 7 students with a history of self-harm who attended workshops at St. Teilo’s School, Cardiff, none of them had self-harmed within 3 months of the workshops.

Before this workshop, I thought I was the only one who did this. I felt alone. The workshops made me realise I’m not weird. – St. Teilo’s Student

The people running the workshop made me feel like my feelings were valid – something that doesn’t happen very often. – St. Teilo’s Student

Want to say thanks to Si & Hannah for coming to Lewis Girls School. Your programme really helped and would honestly recommend it to anyone else who’s suffering. Thanks guys! – Lewis Girls School Student

I felt I could really talk without feeling judged. – St. Teilo’s Student

I actually forgot about my phone for the whole time we were doing the workshop! – Service User, Pontypridd

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