By donating to Heads Above The Waves, you’re helping us keep supporting young people who are struggling with self-harm. Even small change can make a big change.

Our donations are handled by Donorbox, a safe & secure donations platform, so you can help support our work knowing you’re in good hands.

How we use the money we raise

As a non-profit organisation, all the money that comes in to Heads Above The Waves gets invested into helping young people struggling with self-harm. Every time that you donate or buy some HATW merch, you’re creating a real difference. Here’s what your money helps us do:


The main project your money supports is our set of creative workshops that we deliver to schools and youth groups.


Our merch with a message is one way of helping to start conversations about self-harm and mental health in general.


We want to distribute flyers, postcards, and pamphlets – any physical printed material we can, that lets people know where to find help.

Online content

This website exists because of people like you. All of the information about support and help available is accessible to young people everywhere because people like you have bought and donated.

Looking for other ways to support Heads Above The Waves?

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