Every time that you donate or buy some HATW merch, you’re creating a real difference. Here’s what your money helps us do.


The main project your money supports is our set of creative workshops that we deliver to schools and youth groups.

We aim to equip young people with a range of potential positive coping mechanisms as an alternative to self-harm.

Your money helps us: purchase supplies for each activity, print content & advice for participants to take away with them, and cover the cost of sessional staff to run each workshop.

Your support helps us to keep providing these sessions without having to pass the costs on to schools – everyone deserves the right to be happy.

After my personal experience with self-harm and suicidal issues, multiple ‘treatments’ and activities, this workshop seemed to be the only thing that’s helped me. I no longer self-harm.

– Year 9 Pupil, Lewis Girls School

96% of the students we surveyed after our workshops said they felt better equipped for dealing with bad days.


Our merch with a message is one way of helping to start conversations about self-harm and mental health in general.

We’re building a community of people walking around promoting hope and positivity through what they wear.

Each design is inspired by a positive message, or someone’s personal experiences.

So if you see someone in a HATW shirt, your challenge is to go and tell them you know what HATW is and what it stands for.

Whenever you buy or donate, you’re allowing us to make new merch to help spread a positive message even further.


We want to distribute flyers, postcards, and pamphlets – any physical printed material we can, that lets people know where to find help.

All of the advice and information we share comes from first hand experience of people who’ve experienced self-harm themselves.

We’ve made something to help anyone – whether you’re struggling with self-harm yourself, or it’s someone you know.

By handing these out at events, we’re not waiting for people to stumble on hope and help – we’re taking it to them.

When you buy or donate, you’re helping to create new literature and new campaigns, so that a card with important information ends up in the hands of someone who really needs it.

We want to cover cities in these, so that anyone, anywhere, can find the help and hope that they deserve. If you’d like to help us achieve this in your city, please get in touch with us!

Online Content

This website exists because of people like you. All of the information about support and help available is accessible to young people everywhere because people like you have bought and donated.

We share stories of people’s experiences with overcoming self-harm, to let people know they’re not alone.

We point people towards the places they can get the help they deserve.

By utilising social media, we’re pointing to help and hope in a place where everyone can find it.

When I was feeling low, reading other people’s experiences [from the HATW website] helped me realise that I’m not alone and that I don’t need to hurt myself to feel okay

-Website Visitor

Your money helps us create regular content such as videos, blog posts and stories, run and maintain our website and social media, and reach out to young people on their platforms, at their level.

Help us help others

By donating to Heads Above The Waves, you’re helping us keep supporting young people who are struggling with self-harm. Even small change can make a big change.

Our donations are handled by Donorbox, a safe & secure donations platform, so you can help support our work knowing you’re in good hands.

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