There are all sorts of ways that you can get involved with raising funds for Heads Above The Waves.

You could put together your own event to raise money and support Heads Above The Waves. It could be a gig, a bake sale, a quiz night or a fancy dress day in school/work (because everyone loves an excuse for a good costume). You could run a marathon, do a sponsored silence, or even go for the classic sitting in a bath tub of baked beans. Get creative, challenge yourself, and put the ‘fun’ in fundraising! If you’ve got other ideas, be sure to let us know.

Take a look below for some more inspiration and tips on how to get the most out of fundraising for Heads Above The Waves. We’ll support you as much as we can in whatever fundraising activities you do – just let us know what you’re planning to do!

A few things to bear in mind:

Think about who your supporters will be

Who’s going to be giving you the money for doing your activity? People at school? People at work? Your social media followers? Whoever they are, make sure there’s enough of them to hit your fundraising target without asking too much of them!

Set yourself a realistic target

It’s rad that you want to raise us £10,000,000 but you might be bummed out if you don’t reach that. Think about what’s a realistic amount to aim for, and if you do better than your target (which we’re sure you will!) then that’s just an added bonus.

Stay safe

It’s good to challenge and push yourself, but whatever you’re doing, make sure you’ve got someone qualified, with plenty of experience along with you who can help if things go a bit pear shaped. And if you’re doing something dangerous, make sure you’re wearing a helmet!

As well as keeping yourself safe, it’s important to keep everyone around you safe.

If you’re doing an event, make sure you think about any and all potential risks – and what you’re going to do to prevent them. If you’re doing anything to do with food, be fully aware of everyone’s allergies.

Keep it legal

Anyone actually collecting money must be over 16.

If you’re going to be running an event make sure you get permission from the right people (venues, local authorities, etc.).

People should be aware of what they’re giving money to support, so if you want a reminder of where your money will go, or if you want to share it with your supporters, take a look here.

There are all sorts of legal obligations when running a raffle (who’d have thought, right?) but you can read the legalities here.

Collecting money

You can donate to us through Donate To HATW On Givey and encourage your supporters to do the same, so you won’t need to actually collect money from them.

Alternatively, you can download a Sponsorship Form and get people to pledge money, then you can collect it and donate it to us through our website.

Note: As we’re not a registered charity, you won’t be able to set up a JustGiving page for collecting money.

Shout about it!

Once you’ve decided what you’re going to do, where, when and how, you need people to get involved.

Spread the word about your fundraising activities on social media, in your school or uni, or at work – make people aware of what you’re doing and how they can support you. You can link to the Heads Above The Waves social media too. We’re on:
Twitter: @HATW_Uk
Instagram: @HeadsAboveTheWaves

Then don’t forget to keep posting updates on how your fundraising is going – and be creative! Use videos, photos and regular text updates on how you’re doing, and what’s going on in your fundraising activities.

Perhaps most importantly:

Make people aware of why you’re fundraising

While financial support from fundraisers like you is hugely important, it’s equally important to just be spreading our name and message around; making more people aware of the hope and help that HATW is all about. It’s important that people know and understand the impact that your fundraising can have. Take a look at where your money goes.

So however you promote your fundraising, be sure to mention Heads Above The Waves and link to our website or social media.

Please remember though – at the moment Heads Above The Waves is not a registered charity. We’re a Community Interest Company. Please be careful when talking about Heads Above The Waves in your fundraising, as it would be misleading for people if you refer to us as a charity.

Check out our FAQs, and brand guidelines where we explain it a bit more.

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