Ideas For Fundraising

We’re sure you’ve already got some great ideas of how to fundraise to support us. But if you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look at some ideas below:


If you’re a Twitch streamer, or if you do live streams on YouTube or anywhere really, we’d love for you to do a stream as a fundraiser for HATW! Whether that’s playing a game, doing a live performance, or just chatting with your pals. Streaming would be a great way to help raise money to keep us going, and generally letting people know what we do!

Sponsored Events

For sponsored events, you can download a template for a Sponsorship Form.

Marathon – running a marathon or half marathon is one of the most common ways of fundraising for good causes! Get people to sponsor you per mile you run, or just for doing the marathon. Watch out though, some marathons you’re only able to run to support a registered charity – and we’re not a registered charity – so be sure you check before you sign up!

Cycle – Challenge yourself to cycle a certain distance and get people to sponsor you per mile. Or even put a twist on it, and use an exercise bike (but it’s more fun to be in the great outdoors on a real bike!)

Football Match – a five a side match could be a fun way to raise money and get a workout! Get players to be sponsored for the match and get an audience to leave a donation for watching.

Walk – A bit more of a gentle pace than a marathon, but walking can still be a challenge! Especially if you make it over tricky terrain, like a long distance hike up a hill or even a mountain.

Silence – your friends and family might be really up for this one if you’re a bit of a chatterbox.. But challenge yourself to go without speaking for a day, or a whole week even!

Swim – you don’t have to swim across the channel to make swimming something worth being sponsored for. A set number of laps in a pool can be a challenge in itself.

Skydive or Bungee Jump – if you’re really feeling adventurous and wild, you could get sponsored to do something extreme like skydiving or bungee jumping. Obviously make sure you do it properly and safely with an expert!

Dress Down Day at School or the Office – Everyone pays a set amount to not wear uniform for a day. Simple.

Karaoke Night – Sing your heart out with your friends, make a fool out of yourself, or discover that you’ve got a hidden talent and should be on the X-Factor. Everyone chips in to have a go at karaoke for the evening.

‘Come Dine With Me’ Night – it’s a great TV show, and it’s something fun you could do with your friends. Get some friends together and ask your guests to donate what they think the meal is worth.

Coffee morning – host a morning of coffee and cake in your school or workplace, get people to bake a variety of cakes to donate to sell.

Personal Activities

Keep small change in a piggy bank

Collect a certain type of coin, e.g. putting any 5p pieces you get into a jar

Spend one night in, instead of going out, a week or month and keep the money you save from not partying.

Hair today, gone tomorrow – a bit of a big one, but some people have been sponsored to shave their heads for a good cause before.. it could work for you!

Clearing out your old unwanted or unused stuff and sell it on eBay or a car boot sale

Fun Activities

Organise a Raffle – it’s a classic, but the mighty raffle doesn’t have to just be left for the village church fete. Sell raffle tickets for people to be in with a chance of winning a prize. If you can, get local businesses or companies to donate the prizes rather than spending too much on prizes. Be aware though there are all sorts of legal obligations when running a raffle – you can read the legalities Gambling Commission.

Guess The Number Of Sweets In A Jar – put a whole bunch of sweets in a jar, and the person who guesses closest to the actual number wins the jar. Who wouldn’t want to win a jar full of sweets?

Pub Quiz – organise a quiz with a bunch of different rounds to challenge everyone. Everyone pays a donation to play the quiz, but the prize money gets donated. Like with the raffle, you could try and get local businesses to donate prizes.

Bake Sale – Cakes are usually a winner! You could get baking (or get a group of you to bake together) and sell your delicious treats at an event, or even just around the office/school yard.

Create Something And Sell ‘Em – people always need Christmas cards, so if you’re a creative type, you could make some of your own and sell them in aid of HATW.

If you’re going to be doing some sort of fundraising activity, we want to hear about it! Get in touch with us with details of your fundraising so we can follow your progress and support you as much as we can.