We introduce positive, healthy coping mechanisms, and remind people that they’re not alone. We do it because we’ve been there ourselves. 

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Help support our work by grabbing some of our merch with a message. We hope these clothes can be the starting point for important conversations about positive mental health.

We deliver school workshops to share creative ways to overcome self-harm. We also offer a variety of digital workshops for you to work through in your own time at home.

Digital Workshops

In-Person Workshops

We are an independently run non-profit.
We’re able to be there for young people who are struggling thanks to…

People buying our merch with a message
Folks just like you fundraising for us
Kind donations from around the world

Latest from HATW

People’s stories, posi blog posts, and videos to remind you that you’re not alone

We’ve been through it ourselves, and come out the other side; we want to let people know that they’re not alone. 

Si Martin, Founder of HATW

Help us help others

By donating to Heads Above The Waves, you’re helping us keep supporting young people who are struggling with self-harm. Even small change can make a big change.

Our donations are handled by Donorbox, a safe & secure donations platform, so you can help support our work knowing you’re in good hands.
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