Music’s great isn’t it? Whether you’re into Bach or Blink-182, listening to music can have a huge impact on your emotions. Sometimes just knowing that someone else has been through the same thing as you, and has put it into song, is really comforting.

A pro tip here: it’s tempting to listen to angry or sad music when you feel that way. Start off listening to those vibes for sure. But then try to move towards something that’s angry, but uplifting, and ultimately get to music that’s gonna put you in a happy mood.

You could also try making a Spotify playlist to suit a bunch of different moods.

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It’s important to find what works for you. If this doesn’t help, don’t worry. There are plenty of other ways to cope. See other ideas of things to try.
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    1. Hiya!

      We’ve put together a Spotify playlist of our favourite feel good bangers here: April 2020 Playlist where you should be able to see the names of the songs, even if you don’t use Spotify.
      But these are just the ones that put us in a good mood, it might be that you find different ones!

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