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post by Si Martin

February, 28 2022


Well I’m gonna start by pointing out that you’re doing a great job by being here, checking out a post about being mindful of the content you’re consuming online. You’ve already got a head start by being on a wholesome website like ours. So good job! 🎉

Today we’re thinking about the stuff we feed our minds. In a world where we can access pretty much anything pretty much instantly, it’s more important than ever that we curate what we consume. 


Watch what you’re feeding your mind. 

The thing that really affects everything below is the idea that you’re in control of what you’re feeding your brain. Whether that’s social media, or TV shows/movies, streamers or the news. You’re the one with the power to disconnect from the stuff that’s getting you down. 

Follow accounts that make you feel good. Unfollow the ones that make you feel crummy. 

Remember that social media in particular is a bit of an echo chamber. Especially TikTok..! The more you watch something, the more the algorithms will show you the same thing. So make sure that it’s positive stuff that the algorithms will be spitting out at you. Stuff that’s gonna add value to your life, and help you feel good, rather than stuff that’s gonna bum you out. 

Where’s it coming from?

One of the most important things to remember about anything you’re viewing/reading/watching online is where it’s coming from. Who’s the person on the other side of the screen? And most importantly, what’s their angle? How are they trying to make you feel? What’s the purpose of their content? And what do they gain from you engaging with it? For example, is it an influencer who’s been paid to try and make it seem like everything’s perfect? Or is it something pretending to be a news site in order to push their political ideas? 

The majority of the time, the stuff we consume online is just for entertainment. Or it’s friends sharing stuff that they’re into. But it’s always worth being mindful of the fact that someone has created whatever it is you’re reading/watching/listening to. So ask yourself what it is that person is hoping to get out of whatever they’ve made.

Unfollowing is ok

If something’s getting you down, why look at it all the time? If someone really gets you worked up, why let them take up space in your feed? 

But what If it’s someone you know that’s getting you down and you’re worried about seeming rude or something? Well, this is your reminder that your well-being is more important than being polite

Here’s the other truth: unfollowing isn’t forever. If you’re just having a rough patch right now and need a break from something/someone, that’s ok. If in a week, or a month, or a year, you’re at a place where you want to get back to it, you can always follow that account again. But chances are, having a little break will help you know that you don’t need to be following them.


Compare and despair

The grass is always greener. Social media isn’t real life. I think we all know this deep down, but it’s very easy to forget. So here’s your reminder. People only show off the side of them/their life that they WANT to show off. So of course it’s gonna look all beautiful and perfect and shiny all the time. But that’s not the case. Don’t be comparing someone else’s highlights reel to your behind the scenes. 

Timing is everything

A friend of mine pointed this out to me a few years ago, and it’s really stuck with me. The first hour or so that you’re awake in the morning can have a huge impact on the rest of your day. If you’ve only just opened your eyes and you’re straight away jumping into people fighting on Twitter, or bad news on TV, then it’s gonna throw you into a “high alert” status. This can leave you feeling a bit on edge all day but not necessarily sure why. And that can then mean that you find it harder to deal with challenges as they come up throughout your day. 

So, I know it’s hard, but instead of reaching for your phone first thing, try giving yourself a bit of time to just open your eyes, have a stretch and ease yourself into the world. 

It’s also the same for night time too! If you’re struggling to wind down before bed, consuming lots of content that’s gonna stimulate you, or generally get you fired up, that ain’t gonna help. We’ve got a bunch of tips on getting a good night’s sleep in general too. CHECK ‘EM OUT!


These are just a few ideas to think about when it comes to curating what you view online. Tbh I could probably have summed this up into one sentence:

If you’re watching/listening to/reading something that makes you feel rubbish, sack it off. 

You’re an excellent human being, and don’t let anything you see online convince you otherwise.

(Ok, that was 2 sentences, but who’s counting)


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