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Ok, so usually we’re big fans of talking to other human beings. But with Youper, you’re talking to Artificial Intelligence. It’s neat living in the future, ain’t it? The wildest part is that it doesn’t feel like you’re talking to a computer. And because Youper replies straight away, it means no more being left on ‘read’. It’s responsive, it’s smart, and most importantly, it’s useful.

The chat with the bot is just one part of it. You can set yourself goals and track your progress towards them. You can have a daily check in where you pick out words that describe how you’re feeling, and think about what might be leading to those feelings. You get insights that sum up what’s making you feel Happy, Overwhelmed, Anxious, Calm, etc.

In short, this is a really cool tool that’s available to you 24/7, doesn’t require you having to speak to anyone, and lets you clearly see your progress and what you can do to help yourself.

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