Self-Care Spectrum

Posted on 11 February 2019,   0 Comments

Download & print out our Self-care Spectrum to help keep a track of the different areas of your life.

If something’s a problem – for example, if you’re struggling with food right now – score it lower down in the 1’s or 2’s. If something’s fine, and helping you, score it up in the 9’s and 10’s.

By doing this regularly, you can keep an eye out for things that might be a consistent problem. Once you know which areas of your life are affecting you, you can start to put things in place to help you deal with them as they come up. It can also be helpful to identify the areas of your life that are particularly good for your mental state!

Do more of the things that are scoring up in the 10’s, and make sure you’ve got some things to try next time you’re facing something scoring down in the 1’s.

We’ve also added space for you to include any other areas of your life that might be affecting you – both good and bad!

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