Pillow Mist 100mlPillow Mist 100ml

‘Nos Da’ Pillow Mist


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Ynys Aroma has done it again! With this beautiful, calming pillow mist to help rest your mind.

Spray the Nos da pillow mist around your bedroom or on your pillow to bring rest and relaxation.

A sweet geranium aroma blends into a grounding blend of clary sage, ylang ylang and a comforting sandalwood base to help you sleep tight.

100ml bottle. 

Aromatherapy benefits:

Slows a racing mind, easing stress and anxiety.

Brings comfort and peace.

Promotes a better night sleep.

How to use:

Shake well and generously spray the mist through the air and onto linen to enjoy the aroma and the therapeutic effects of essential oils, please always test on fabric first to avoid staining. It is possibe that this could make hard flooring slippery.

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