Music Support

“Our mission at Music Support is to make sure that nobody in the UK music industry is left to suffer alone with mental or emotional health issues or addiction.

We believe that those in our industry who are susceptible to ,mental, emotional and behavioural health disorders (including but not limited to alcohol and drug addiction), are particularly vulnerable due to the environments, lifestyles and stresses that exist within.

Wherever in the industry the individual may be, stigmas surrounding these conditions are still so strong that they can go ignored, unrecognised or untreated until it is too late. We believe that everybody is entitled to confidential, sympathetic and non-judgemental support.

Music Support is run by people from the music industry, for people in the music industry. Our trustees and founders have all suffered personally from mental health and addiction issues and have seen friends, colleagues and heroes lose their careers, their families and even their lives to these problems. Our mission is to provide the best possible support, assistance and advice to those in need.

We operate a 24/7 telephone helpline offering peer support from volunteers with personal experiences of the music industry and mental health and addiction matters.”