Our Values


All are welcome. Always. We believe that regardless of your race, gender, sexuality, religion, ability or age, you are important. You are valued. And you are loved. We’re all human beings trying to find our way through life, and everyone deserves to be treated with love, respect & kindness.


We started Heads Above The Waves because we know how hard it can be to struggle with your mental health. Even if we haven’t been through the exact same thing as you, we can empathise and understand how difficult it must be for you. We always want to do our best to see things from others’ perspectives.


We always want to be able to speak openly and honestly about how we’re feeling. We’re not always going to be 100%, and that’s ok. “It’s not about forcing happiness; it’s about not letting sadness win”. So we’ll always be as honest as possible, in the hope that it inspires those around us to do the same.


We’re continually learning new things and adapting. We’re always listening to what you have to say. Whether that’s discovering new coping strategies from folks, or new tech & social media, we always want to learn more. The challenges facing people are constantly changing, so the support we provide needs to be ready to change too.


We firmly believe that the best way to provide effective support for people is to listen to them. We also know that the best ideas are ones that have had diverse inputs. So whether we’re designing new merch, or planning out our workshops, we want to work with our service users (that’s you!) to build something together, that works for everyone.

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