Meet people where they are

Whether it’s on social media, at events, or in their school. We want to meet and talk to people on their terms & in their language. We want to make it as easy as possible to find help & ways to cope.

Promote hope through creativity

We’re big believers using creativity to help manage difficult situations. Whether that’s sharing a video that expresses how you’re feeling, or creating your own song to get things off your chest. We want to do everything we can to encourage people to get creative.

Help people find what works for them

Because when it comes to managing mental health, one size doesn’t fit all. We want to share as many ideas as possible of ways to get through the bad days. Our goal is for everyone to have a toolkit of things to try, and people they can go to for support.

Destroy the stigma around mental health

It’s ok to struggle. It’s alright to not feel 100%. It should be normal to seek out support before reaching breaking point. By working to tackle the stigma that surrounds mental health, and normalising seeking help, we can quite literally save lives.

Remind people that they’re not alone

Heads Above The Waves exists because of our own experiences with mental health and self-harm. We continue to share people’s stories of what helped them, because other people have experienced similar things to you, and found ways to get through it.

Be the go to resource for self-harm in young people

Whether you’re struggling with self-harm yourself, or you’re concerned about someone else. We want to have as much information, advice and support as possible to help you get through this. All in a way that’s easy to find and digest.

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