Our Mission

Our mission is to benefit anyone struggling to cope with the pressures of everyday life, with a particular focus on young people in Wales and England from 11-25 years old, demonstrating harmful behaviours to themselves. But everyone has bad days. We want everyone to be able to build their resilience, find positive coping techniques, and know where to turn for help.

We Aim To

  • Create engaging online content, both written and filmed, to share messages of hope and positivity.
  • Build an online resource offering a range of information and experiential advice to educate, support and encourage.
  • Share the personal stories of how young people have overcome their struggles with self-harm, in the hope of inspiring others to try a different coping mechanism.
  • Deliver workshops, training sessions, and assemblies to give young people a chance to try positive coping techniques for themselves, and explore the issues they’re facing through discussion.
  • Carry out research with the aim of informing healthcare professionals on how best to help young people affected by self-harm.
  • Create merchandise with a message behind the designs, which is explained on an attached swing tag. The proceeds of merchandise sales will be reinvested back into creation and delivery of content, primary research, and sessions.
  • Have a presence at events to act as a point of sale for merchandise but more importantly: to start conversations.
  • Have a presence on social media, to meet young people on their terms, in their language.
  • Form partnerships with musicians and artists to promote hope through creativity, and champion talent.
  • Form partnerships with existing organisations (including hospitals and GPs) to share best practises for helping young people struggling with self-harm.
  • Promote the work of support lines, offering first-hand support for anyone in distress.