Even though we’re really careful about what we post on our site, some of the information contained here may be triggering to people prone to self-harm, and as such, reader discretion is advised.

Heads Above The Waves are not medical professionals. All of the information shared on this site is purely experience based advice, and should not be considered medically sound. If in doubt, please consult your GP or another medical professional. The information should be considered suggestion, and not direction.

Each piece of advice has helped someone overcome their struggle with self-harm, but it may not necessarily work for you.

Heads Above The Waves cannot accept responsibility for any injury, death, illness or loss as a result of trying out suggestions on our website.

Our website is an information board, sharing thoughts and experiences for the purpose of overcoming self-harm, and is not a helpline. We’re not currently able to offer advice or support one-to-one, so if you are in a position where you are about to self-harm and want/need immediate help and support, you can find a list of helplines here. HATW is not responsible for the content and maintenance of any other organisations we link to.

Unfortunately, we’re not currently in a position to advise on your situation if you share it with us, either through our website or our social media. If you need to talk to someone, we’ve got a list of organisations that are There to Talk.

The names in any and all stories published by HATW may have been changed to protect the author.

Any information disclosed to HATW will remain confidential within the organisation unless agreed upon with you if we feel you’re in urgent danger, or the information details abuse involving under 16s. The protection of children is paramount to Heads Above The Waves, and as such, our policy is that any report of abuse involving under 16s must be reported to the appropriate authorities immediately.

HATW will not publish the stories of anyone under 16 without the expressed written consent of their parents/legal guardians. Click here for more information about sharing your story.

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