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Resilience for KS3

About Course


This is a course that will introduce you to 4 different types of resilience: Physical, Mental, Emotional & Social.

We’ve got a mixture of video & written content in here. Each session contains a worksheet, and some simple activities to build up your resilience in each of the 4 areas.

These sessions are designed to be done once a week, over a course of 4 weeks.

Course Content

Physical Resilience
In our first week, we'll be exploring how getting your body moving can help keep your brain healthy!

  • Physical Resilience

Mental Resilience
Did you know your brain is kinda like a muscle? The more you work it out, the stronger it gets! So let's find out how to exercise our brains!

Emotional Resilience
Every day, we're going to experience all sorts of emotions, so it's important to know how to handle the difficult ones, and get more of the positive ones!

Social Resilience
Having a supportive network of people around you is going to play a huge part in your wellbeing. Let's find out how to build that supportive network!

Just a quick overview of everything we've covered!

Resilience for KS3£50

Thoughts from Hannah

"These videos were super fun for us to film- and most importantly are easy to follow and are packed with really useful information. The course encourages you to build skills for bouncing back from stressful situations through activities, helpful tips and things to think about that we want to pass on to you! Awesome stuff!"

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