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Since it's our first video session together, we thought we'd introduce ourselves & show ya how things are gonna go in the next few sessions!
Introduction to Digital Workshops00:09:59

Art & Support Networks?

In our first proper activity video session, we're looking at how art & collaging helped our friend Becky. And we'll identify the people around you who can help you when you're struggling.

Drumming & Triggers?

Sorry in advance to your neighbours. This week's coping technique is drumming! And we're going to be thinking about the things that get us down. So make sure you take this session at your own pace.

Physical Resilience & Reactions to Triggers?

This week's session is all about keeping your body healthy to help keep your mind healthy! We're going to be thinking about how we react to our triggers, and how we can make that reaction as positive as possible.

Meditation & Self Esteem?

For our final session, we're going to be sharing some thoughts about meditation, and ways to boost your self-esteem - so you can start to truly believe what a legend you really are.


Time to recap everything we've done over our time together!