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We’ve said from day one of HATW that music can be such a powerful tool when it comes to managing your mental health, so we’ve got a selection of records available online and in store. We’ve hand selected each of these records because we think they’re in line with our message (and because we think you’ll love ’em!)

Select a record from the drop down list to find out a bit more about it!

And if you want a preview of what any of the bands sound like, we’ve put together a handy playlist of our favourite songs from each record! L I S T E N  H E R E

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American Football – LP3, Caspian – Dust and Disquiet, Cassels – Epithet, Cultdreams – Things That Hurt, Delta Sleep – Ghost City, Junior – Beautiful Life, Junior – Juniorland, Cultdreams – Seafoam, Lemuria – Recreational Hate, Martha – Love Keeps Kicking, Nervus – Everything Dies, Novo Amor – Bathing Beach, Novo Amor – Birthplace, Novo Amor – Woodgate, NY, Orchards – Losers/Lovers, Pkew Pkew Pkew – Optimal Lifestyles, Vinnie Caruana – Survivor's Guilt


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