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Self Care Package


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We’ve put together a lil care package to send on to someone who could do with a little extra love this holiday season. Or heck, you could get it for yourself, cuz self-love is important too!

All of these items have been carefully selected by the HATW team because we think they’re great for taking some time to care for yourself – and would make a lush gift for someone!

This package contains:

  • Positive Planner – a 12 week journey of self-care, gratitude and daily positivity (the perfect way to kick off 2021!)
  • ‘Moon’ Aromatherapy Candle from Ynys Aroma. Handmade in Wales, with a cleansing and calming aroma. The aromatherapy oils in this candle boosts mood, balance the nervous system & release exhaustion to bring calm. Perfect!
  • “Brew Can Do It” Travel Mug –  Designed by Jase Smith, and ideal for enjoying a comforting warm drink, even if you’re not travelling..! Plus, who doesn’t love a good coffee based pun.
  • Set of Posi Postcards – one of each of our posi postcards, reading: “I’m glad you exist” “You’re the reason why my days are merry & bright” and “You’re flippin’ excellent and I appreciate you”. The sort of messages you can stick on your wall and remember all year round that people love you.
  • Positive Change Cards – a set of cards with some tips for making positive changes in your life, featuring illustrations by Holly Tyler.

You can either have it sent to you to wrap up and send on to whoever you like, or we can send it straight to their address – just make sure you type in their address to ‘Shipping Address’ at check out.


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