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Pkew Pkew Pkew- Optimal Lifestyles


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Apart from being the most fun name on the list to say, this band personifies the punk rock fist pump! Fast guitars, songs about good times and regrets, this band is a warts and all look at life that isn’t always the prettiest. They’re sure gonna have a good time whilst they’re here though! Pkew Pkew Pkew are one massive grin. Just like you need those sad or angry songs that make you think- sometimes you just need a laugh too right?! Life is about balance and let me tell you, these guys are the fun, light, swaggering, confident, silly side of the scale for sure! Check all of this out on their second record “Optimal Lifestyles”.

Stand out lyric: “I can’t just hope all my problems will go and solve themselves, Or wait for somebody else, I’ve made my choice and I’ll see it through”

FFO:  RVIVR, PUP, Spanish Love Songs, Direct Hit!, pizza and skateboarding.


If you like skateboarding as much as Pkew x 3 (as the band are affectionately known) then check out this blog post that Si wrote about learning to skate when he was younger. There’s some cracking mental health metaphors in there and some excellent skating puns!



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