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Novo Amor- Bathing Beach


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Novo Amor crafts music beautifully.  His gift lies in creating melancholic atmosphere, interspersed with moments of hope through emotional vocals. This music is instantly calming  and transports you to a peaceful place. His instrumentation is striking and moving in equal parts, especially highlighted when he builds strings and guitars around his vocals to breathtaking climax’s

 Novo Amor is perfect chilling out music that leaves you feeling like you’ve had a really nice hug.  Or like you’ve just gone for a windy but sunshiney walk up a mountain with the most beautiful views you’ve ever witnessed. Perfection! 

Stand out lyric: “oh, what a wave you have made” – potentially biased because obviously we love waves!

FFO: Gorgeous soundscapes, beautiful dreamy music. And as always Bon Iver. 


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