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Cultdreams- Seafoam


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DIY punks Cultdreams (formerly known as Kamikaze Girls- which is why the name on the record will appear differently) well and truly land with their debut album Seafoam.

Throughout this record the band bring to light the personal issues they face surrounding mental health- but also fill you with an optimism that they want to move forward positively. And that they can. Seafoam is tinged with sadness lyrically, but is all backed by their own brand of fuzzy, lo-fi, shoegazey, emotional alternative punk. Cathartic and sprawling, this is an incredibly powerful first record that will leave you eager to catch this two-piece live.

Stand out lyric: Basically the entirety of ‘I Don’t Want To Be Sad Forever’, a rallying call to arms for everyone to make the World a better place. And to make themselves better too.

FFO: Caspian with vocals, Black Foxes, Explosions In The Sky. 


If you’re ever stuck with motivation, we’ve written a piece on our website to hopefully inspire you and get you going. Check it out here!




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