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Cassels- Epithet


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Cassels is composed of two brothers who often seem like one entity on stage, so in sync and seamless are their performances. Charismatic, intelligent and raw lyrics set to pounding drums and discordant aggressive guitar leave you feeling like you’ve had a super strong coffee and like you need to take action and get angry about something . This record, nay, this band- are a must! Check ’em out and please try catch them live when you can!

Stand out lyric: “And these are the times when writing things down acts as some release for me.”

FFO: The St Pierre Snake Invasion, Woahnows, Gender Roles, Idles, Cleft.


Have you checked out Si’s video about ‘sticking with it’ yet?  Here’s a handy link to hear him chat about records and how persevering with you’re coping techniques takes time but is so worth it in the end!


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