Si Martin


Spreadsheet enthusiast. Dad joke aficionado. Plays video games far too much, yet somehow still isn’t very good at them.


Posh Coffee

Doesn’t like:

Leeks (seriously, ew.)
Sending loads of messages when one would do

Heads Above The Waves is Si’s baby. HATW started as Si’s idea to share his story and experience of how music and playing the drums helped him to overcome self-harm as a teenager.

Si’s professional background has been mainly around marketing, working with brands like Virgin Media Pioneers after finishing uni. Si’s still actively making music and playing drums with his band Junior. He spends his time creating what HATW does, both online and in person, and generally overseeing the company, as well as running the workshops with Hannah.

You’re most likely to hear him say “Hi! My name’s Si”. If you’ve seen our stall at a festival, Si’s probably said that to you..