‘A Pretty Playlist’- Atmospheric Tunes To Help You De-Stress

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Hey folks! My boyfriend put this playlist together a few months back filled with music he enjoys and I really wanted to share it with you. It’s packed with neoclassical, electronic, mostly instrumental tunes that are delicate and haunting and moving in equal measure. Since he showed it to me I’ve been super into it, sticking it on from time to time. I love listening to this awesome atmospheric playlist to help me de-stress.

(If the Spotify player doesn’t work, you can click here to listen instead!)

Using Music To Help My Mental Health

It weird because normally I’m the sort of person that enjoys living my life with a soundtrack of  loud and fast punk rock (forever a big old emo!). I use music and sounds to help me when I’m struggling with my mental health or feeling really anxious. The last year has taken its toll on our collective mental health and I’ve been looking for anything that might help, trying out anything people recommend to make the days a little easier. Including switching up my usual music tastes to music a little more chilled!

When I was introduced to this sort of music it was through Ólafur Arnalds record ‘Eulogy for Evolution’; a beautiful, fascinating piece of work that sounds like an incredible sweeping film score (included in the playlist- fear not!). It brings me to tears almost every time I listen to it, but in a good way! Like “Wow this is so powerful and lush and is making my stoney old heart feel things like joy- holy moly!” Once I heard it and it made me feel so much, I knew it would be the perfect antidote to those down days where I just feel numb. 


How This Playlist Helps Me

This atmospheric playlist was created to further my musical horizons/ help me de-stress and is labelled ‘Pretty Music’ (because it’s all very, very pretty!) It’s a really great gateway to some truly wonderful ambient, atmospheric music. I love sticking this playlist on to help me wash away my stress. Having it on quietly whilst I work reduces my anxiety and helps me concentrate. The rising crescendos and key changes in some of the songs fill me with hope! Listening to it helps slow my racing thoughts, giving me a sense of calm and space to think. 

As much as I like to listen to the sound of rain or ocean waves when I’m having an anxiety attack, having some music like this to help affect my emotions positively is a real game changer and I recommend everyone giving it a bash and seeing if it helps you too. Enjoy! 

Han and Edd

P.S If you enjoyed this playlist then check out another one Si put together a couple of years ago! It’s filled with incredible instrumental music, with very big ‘something for everyone to enjoy’ vibes! Check it out here!

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