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Hello HATW-ers! Big and good news incoming! We’re super excited to be launching our very own v spicy HATW HAWT sauce today!

For a while now we’ve been wanting to incorporate selling more things that you can use as a coping technique into our merch so we decided to link up with Edd and his company Double D’s Hot Sauce. We wanted to produce a hot sauce that was extremely tasty but also hot enough that we could suggest it be used in a helpful way to your mental health.

PS. If you have any ideas of other things you want us to that can be used as a coping techniques please let us know… yoga mats? Notebooks? HATW branded drums anyone?!

But anyway, when you’re trying to stop self-harming we recommend you find things that are gonna give you that feeling or meets the purpose that self harm serves to you, but in a way that is less damaging. A form of harm reduction if you will.

If self- harm to you is a way to feel something or take your feelings out on yourself, we often suggest doing something extreme like biting on ginger, having a cold shower, or biting a chill instead. Any of these actions will give you a shock and make your body react. It will feel intense. These things can be used when you’re trying to wean yourself off your usual method of self-harm or if you’re just struggling with your mood and thoughts and need something to give you a jolt. .

The beauty of our hot sauce is that its made by Edd, who as well as focusing on heat wants his sauces to taste sweet and delicious. He wants you to be able to use them and not just let your bottle gather dust in your fridge. For our sauce he’s gone with some super juicy blueberries (packed full of antioxidants that are super good for you! POW!) and some raging heat from the Carolina Reaper chilli. And we had to go with a dark sauce to appeal to our inner goth aesthetic naturally!

On the level though- hot sauce is super good for you. When you eat some (on yummy tacos or just straight from a spoon) your body will have a reaction. To combat the spicy heat in your mouth your brain produces serotonin and a bunch of happiness boosting hormones. Endorphins will be released in an attempt to block the pain sensation, and take it from me I have genuinely felt a rush of adrenaline and endorphins when eating hot sauce (I’m a big fan.)

Without sounding too cheesy or dramatic, having some hot sauce with my food gives me a little rush, shakes any cobwebs of the day off and makes me feel super alert and connected to what’s going on around me. It also reminds me to drink water (crucial to stay hydrated my dudes!)

However you use our sauce we hope you enjoy it and that it gives you the reaction you want – whether that’s a healthy alternative to self-harm, a delicious condiment for your food, or just something that gives you a lil adrenaline rush.

We hope you enjoy! Bone apple teeth!

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